Have Victory Over Stress

Lesson 1, Devotion 1

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” – Psalm 32:7

The game of hide and go seek is a lot of fun to play, even for teenagers. You may have played another version of the game when you were younger, like when you got into trouble with your parents and you would go hide out so as not to get punished.

King David writes in Psalm 32 not about a time he hid from his parents, but rather when he was forced to hide from his enemies.

This kind of hiding was not for fun but for survival! David probably had to hide many times to save his life but in this today’s verse he was talking about the greatest hiding place of all. David was talking about hiding in the safety of the Heavenly Father. David was so confident in God’s ability to protect him that he proclaimed songs of victory over the enemy that would soon surround him.

Something To Think About . . .

Instead of stressing out by focusing on those things that could harm you, take time to relax in the arms of a powerful God who loves you and promised to ALWAYS be with you. Pray today for the courage to live a life of victory over stressful circumstances today.

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