Lord, Open My Eyes

open-my-eyes-2-seeJesus And Culture Week 4, Devotion 3

As we have been discussing  what it means to love God and not the world, this quote does a really good job of capturing the idea. See what you think:

“Those who love the world serve and worship themselves every moment: it is their full-time job.” J. I. Packer

What does this mean to you? How does it relate to what you’ve been thinking about and studying the last few weeks?

It’s really quite simple: if we love and identify with Christ, we can’t identify with the world. Identifying with the world is about giving in to our sin natures. And sin is ultimately about self.

If you can begin to learn to seek Jesus before seeking to fit in with the world around you, even though it may cost you comfort and popularity, you will have discovered what it means to truly live as a Christ-follower in this world. It’s not easy. But this is what it means to live as an authentic Christian.

You can do it. God will help you. Pray that God will begin to open your eyes to what a life of loving Him looks like in your world.

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