Jesus And Culture Week 2, Devotion 2

Your devotion for today is a little different. There’s no verse to read. Only a Challenge.

Here’s your Challenge:

As you head back to school on Tuesday (tomorrow), make it a point to identify someone in your school (or co-op) who is valuable to God but whom the world has cast off to the side, and then follow Jesus’ example and make it a point to reach out to this person.

On Thursday, we’re going to ask you how that’s going as a reminder of this challenge!

The reminder won’t be to make you feel guilty if you haven’t followed through yet. It’s to help you understand a basic truth about your relationship with God. The truth is this: it will never ever be enough to read the Bible and not put it to work in your life. God gave us the Bible so we’d know Him and His ways. The idea is that knowing God transforms you. But you have to be willing to partner with God to actually live out His ways in your world. You have to make the effort.

The challenge stands. Make it a point to reach out to someone in your school. Follow through on living life in this culture as Jesus would live it if He were you.

Answer the poll below on wednesday or Thursday (before youth group!)

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